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How To Double The Life Of A Residential Soft Water System

Residential Water Softener-How To's

Have you ever purchased an appliance, electronic or other product where the selling company tried to tack on a “replacement warranty” at the conclusion of the purchase? Me to, sometimes I purchase the additional coverage other times I do not. It does however seem to dampen my purchase enthusiasm for the new product, computer, I Pad…Etc., and leaves me asking is this product going to let me down? Residential water softeners are fantastic appliances that protect your homes plumbing system from hard water damage and reduces the amount of detergents needed for the laundry and dishwasher, which saves you money. And if you apply one simple step (pre-filtration) to your homes soft water system you will easily double the life of the water softener, not through additional warranty cost’s but through the application of sound water treatment fundamentals.  

Water Softener Cost’s

Ok, in this segment I will outline the costs associated with purchasing a residential water softener to illustrate how simple it is to protect your investment (not argue if purchasing one or the other is better/worse).

Store bought units: Total Cost $1000-$2000

Because these systems don’t include installation you have to pay separate for the installation and depending on the plumbing analysis from your homes plumbing, sometimes the cost can exceed the cost of the water softener itself.

Whole Sale Units: Total Cost $1200-$1600

Prices usually include installation and quality of these systems are considered standard grade.

Premium Units: Total Cost $1800-$2400

Most not all in this segment are built to last 2 to 3 times that of standard grade units.

So you see no matter which venue you chose for your homes water treatment needs you will have a significant investment. So why not protect it with sound water treatment fundamentals of pre-filtration? You see a whole house filtration system doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and can be applied to any water softener system, new or existing. By installing, what we call, a Big Boy 20” carbon pre-filtration system you accomplish two things.

Pre-Filtration Accomplishes 2 ThingsPentek 150236 Filter

Keeps Chlorine out of the Water Softener

Keeps Fine Sediment out of the Water Softener

Chlorine is detrimental to many of the soft water systems internal parts and will cause resin failure (the heart of the softener) in a relatively short amount of time compared to its expected life. Chlorine is an oxidizer and will work against the critical parts of the soft water system so if you remove the chlorine before the softening process you will easily double the life of the softener. Fine sediment also works against you. Over the year’s fine sediment can block orifices and cause mechanical problems inside the water softeners control valve. The control valve facilitates how often the system will regenerate, counts how much water you are using and regulates the use of salt in the system. Think of fine sediment as debris that can cause your car’s engine performance to suffer. A pre-filter will help.

Is a Pre-Filter Expensive?

No. Our company can provide a whole house pre-filter to your softening system for around $379 parts and labor. It’s a simple cartridge based system and as long as you use the right cartridge the system is very easy to maintain, simple and cost effective.


When you compare the cost of replacement warranties with the sound water treatment fundamental of pre-filtration it makes more sense to purchase a pre-filtration system versus the extra warranty. 

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