big brad 6.0

ProMate 6.5 DMT

Filters and Softens Water, Effective for Entire Home, Great for Sensitive Skin


The Pro Mate 6.0 premium water softener is highly efficient and built to last. The patented disk distributor reduces water usage by 30% over standard distributors while maintaining more precise results through balanced media loading. The outer tank jacket is UV and sweat resident making it ideal for outdoor and indoor installations. Doubling the life of standard/ cheaper resin media’s our commercial grade premium resin media saves you money by reducing the need for expensive resin media exchange services.

Key Points:

  • 10% Crosslinked Premium Grade Resin
  • Back lit display with user friendly electronics
  • Insulating Tank Jacket provides UV protection and reduces tank sweating
  • Built in Battery Back Up

Request a Quote

Florida Water Technologies wants to help you with any questions you may have about the Promate 6.0 water softening system. You may have a system in your home or business and simply want to know more about the inner workings. We agree and understand that sometimes you want to do the research yourself. This is the latest version of the Promate 6.0 user manual covering Model Number 4516432t and you can call 9045004444 at anytime to speak with us about the configuration. Read Promate 6 User Manual

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