Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Florida Water Technologies?

We are a family owned and locally established water softener installation or repair service throughout Jacksonville Florida. Established in 2001, Florida Water Technologies has the staff and knowledge to install water softeners and filtration systems for both residential locations and commercial properties.

How Much Does a Water Softener System Cost?

The cost of a water softener in Jacksonville Fl will depend on the type of size and type of water softener that is needed. Waters softeners for homes located within Jacksonville Florida range from $1400-$2100 (installation included) from our company. Remember, we repair and refurbish existing water softener systems. Our technicians are available to provide a free quote for this service. Please call for commercial applications and options available.

Do I need the Water Softener Loop offered by my builder?

The “Water Softener Loop” offered by home builders is not required to have a water softener installed at a new home. We can install the “loop” for you most of the time at no charge (with the purchase of a water softener). Contact us today to get more information.

Please read our complete blog entry about Water Softener Loops Here: 

What kind of salt does a water softener use?

Water softeners in Jacksonville FL that are on city water will use regular water softener solar salt. It comes in either fine crystals or pellets, we recommend the crystal form. Water Softeners in Jacksonville FL that are on well water will use the rust prevention salt. On well water, additional elements such as iron will require an additive to clean the water softener resin media tank. Look for the bag that refers to iron or rust removal.

How long does it take to install a water softener system?

The amount of time required to install a water softener will vary based on the installation details. At most an installation can take up to 4 hours but most jobs require only 1-2 hours. All jobs are finished within 1 day and can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon depending on scheduling preferences.

How do I get an estimate for a water softener and are estimates free?

Estimates are scheduled conveniently either during the day, weekday evening or on Saturday. The estimate includes a plumbing analysis to determine how much work is involved with the installation of a water softener. Then a water test will determine additional details like how much hardness per every gallon of water is being fed to a home. We use both inputs to size/ recommend the right system for that home. Yes, Estimates are always free.