Clear Solutions Drinking Water System

Clear Solutions Drinking Water System

Water As It Should Be

Cost Efficient High Quality Water


  • Chlorine Reduction
  • Nominal Particulate Reduction, Class 1
  • Taste and Odor Reduction
  • Chloramine Reduction


  • Asbestos Reduction
  • Cysts Reduction
  • Lead PH 6.5 Reduction
  • Lead PH 8.5 Reduction
  • Mercury PH 6.5 Reduction
  • Mercury PH 8.5 Reduction
  • MTBE Reduction (gasoline additive)
  • Turbidity Reduction
  • VOC Reduction (Volatile Organic Chemicals)

Clear Solutions uses a proprietary carbon block technology that has been tested according
to NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53 & 401. This filtration system is a high flow system that can support multiple points of use. The full flow capability means that you do not need a separate drinking dispensing faucet like other systems. It can be hooked up to your existing sink faucet, ice maker, refrigerator or butlers pantry sink.

Key Points:

  • Sanitary Quick Change design makes it easy to change the filter
  • NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 401 reduction claims *includes pharmaceuticals
  • 1.25 Gallons Per Minute
  • Made in the USA

NSF / ANSI Certifications

NSF/ ANSI Standard 401 

  • Bisphenol A Reduction
  • Estrone Reduction
  • Ibuprofen Reduction
  • Naproxen Reduction
  • Nonyl Phenol Reduction
  • Phenytoin Reduction

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Connects to your existing sink faucet or refrigerator

What’s More Important Than the Water You Drink? 

Florida Water Technologies Inc. is a leading distributor of drinking water filtration systems in Jacksonville FL. We are proud to offer this cost efficient proprietary drinking water system. Versatile and convenient this system can attach to any sink faucet or point of use distribution appliances. Use for refrigerators, ice machines, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks and more. If you have any questions about the installation or configuration of a drinking water system please call 904-551-9844.

Clear Solution Service

Clear Solutions Up Close

The filter elements inside the Clear Solutions  system is good for 651 gallons, or roughly one year. We will remind you when the filter is due for changing and provide you the option to either change the filter yourself or to send a factory trained technician to perform the service for you.

It’s our pleasure to provide quality customer service and product support for all of our filtration system customers here in Jacksonville FL. Our service team is standing by to care for your drinking water system and can be reached by calling 904-551-9844 ext. 2