Hellenbrand H-300M Commercial Series Water Softener

H 300 Commercial Softening System

Softens Water For the Largest Commercial Applications

H 300

Equipped with a 3″ valve and internal plumbing throughout the H 300 Commercial softening is designed for high flow with minimal pressure drop. The H300 has a 3″ control valve and up to 70 cu. ft. media tank (2,240,000 grains of water softening resin media) which allows flow rates up to 270 gallons per minute of softened water. Jacksonville businesses that require soft water on a larger scale turn to the H300 to meet their needs, Restaurants, Hotels, Car Washes and more. These businesses have a hard time dealing with hard Jacksonville FL water and need a softening solution to protect their plumbing system from hard water damage.

  • Up to 270 Gallons Per Minute
  • Restaurants, Car Washes, Hotels and more
  • Electronic Demand Driven Meter with water history
  • Available in Twin, Triplex and Fourplex Alternating
  • Lead Free Brass valve is NSF Food Grade Certified