Hellenbrand Millenium Reverse Osmosis

Hellenbrand Millenium Reverse Osmosis

Advanced Technology, Drinking Water System, 99% contaminant reduction


A Home Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is a great way to eliminate having to buy bottled water

Our most advanced drinking water system is the Millennium Reverse Osmosis System. 4 advanced filtration stages provides up to 99% contaminant reduction. The NSF certified Millennium RO (made in the USA) reduces contaminants such as chromium, lead, arsenic, mercury, Fluoride and more. Imagine unlimited, safe drinking water for all your cooking, drinking and recipe needs. You will access your purified drinking water through a separate dedicated faucet that we install at your kitchen sink. We make sure to provide you with faucet color and style options to match the hardware in your kitchen.

Key Points:

  • 50 Gallon Per Day Production (100 GPD available)
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 58, TDS Reduction
  • 4 Stages of Filtration, TFC Membrane
  • Uses Dedicated Faucet at Kitchen Sink
  • Made in the USA

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Millenniumm Resources

Florida Water Technologies Inc. is a leading distributor of drinking water filtration systems in Jacksonville FL. What’s more important than the water you drink? A reverse osmosis from Florida Water Technologies will provide the highest level of pure drinking water available today. Certified to remove arsenic, lead, mercury and much more you can have confidence in each glass of water your family consumes. CLICK HERE to review our blog on how a reverse osmosis system differs from the filter your refrigerator is equipped with. If you have any questions about the installation or configuration of a reverse osmosis system please call 904-551-9844.

Millennium Servcies

Reverse Osmosis Filter Service

The filter elements inside the reverse osmosis system work filtering thousands of gallons of Jacksonville FL water and require routine changing. We will remind you when the filters are due for changing and provide you the option to either change the filters yourself or to send a factory trained technician to perform the service for you.

It’s our pleasure to provide quality customer service and product support for all of our filtration system customers here in Jacksonville FL. Our service team is standing by to care for your reverse osmosis drinking water system and can be reached by calling 904-551-9844 ext. 2