How to Find The Right Water Softener System

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Best Water Softeners=Fair Price, Quality Equipment, Prompt Customer Support

The internet offers a lot of opinions and information about hard water softeners here in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the nation. You probably have questions about water softeners, hence the reason you are reading this article today. If you are unfamiliar with water softeners, then you may find conflicting data or analysis regarding what kind or what type of water softener is right for your needs. This is because water chemistry and plumbing codes differ from area to area, state to state. Using a well established highly reputable LOCAL water company is your best option for both product application and customer support and here is why.

Premium National Brands offer High Quality Products and Above average Customer Support (most of the time) 

Doing business with a local water retailer, who has the backing of a national reputable brand, can be a great asset to you. Costing a small amount more than segment two below, One Person Businesses, the quality and customer support will more than out weigh the cost of purchasing from Florida Water Technologies.

  • Proper Insurances and ongoing training 

Most national brands audit their certified and approved dealers annually for customer service reviews and insurances. The audit process is done before a national brand will distribute their water softeners in Jacksonville fl to provide protection for themselves and to assure protection for you the end user. For example, Florida Water Technologies carries max limits on general liability, workers compensation and commercial auto as a requirement of doing business with the national brands.

What product line does Florida Water Technologies consider for installation in a residential or commercial property?

Our Clack Water Softener product line exceeds the quality of wholesale brands in terms of efficiency, longevity and features. On average our Signature and Platinum Series water softeners are 50% more efficient than standard wholesale brands, and last 4 times as long than cheap water softeners in Jacksonville FL. Some whole sale brands like Fleck and others only last 3-5 years on hard Jacksonville FL water, while our Platinum Series can last up to 20 years or longer. I can’t think of one national premium brand that will allow their products to be distributed through a One Person Business that has a PO BOX for an address.


What is the price of a water softener system in Jacksonville FL?

One Person Businesses range: $1300-$1600 

Limited product quality and customer support, after all it’s only one person. These water softener systems only last roughly 3-5 years on Hard Jacksonville Water before major repairs or replacement is needed.

The State of Florida has a low entry point for the sale of water softeners and installation of water softeners. Therefore, some guys try to run businesses from their garages. Often times these companies offer suspect quality water softeners, and most to all do not carry any insurance. Let the buyer beware.

Do it Yourself : $400-$1200 (lowest price) 

Price looks great until you ask your self a few questions. How can these retailers offer a quality product at the cheapest price point? They can’t. Cheap things are rarely good and good things are rarely cheap.

Am I Really going to Install  a Water Softener Myself? 

Most homeowners in Jacksonville FL are not comfortable with installing a water softener themselves. Things like cutting the main water supply pipe can be intimidating and equally as intimidating is turning the water back on. Did i hook it all up correctly or will i flood my house when the water gets turned back on? Because of this some would elect then to hire a plumber to install these lower priced water softener systems.

How Much is a Plumber Going to Charge to Install a Store bought Unit? $300-$1500 

A plumber will charge $300-$400 if you already have the water softener loop inside your garage. If you don’t know what a water softener loop is or if you have one CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BLOG ON THE WATER SOFTENER LOOP.

If you do not have the water softener loop then the Plumber will likely charge between $500 and $1500. It’s amazing how the price goes up if a plumber has to pickup a shovel. And after all this you have to ask yourself if you are actually saving money. 


Premium Water Softeners @ Friendly Prices: $1800-$2100 

There are a handful of  water softener companies in Jacksonville FL that offer a quality water softener at fair prices. This is where our company prices our water softening systems.

Dealer Benchmark Survey Average Water Softener Price: $1893 including installation

Every year a third party company conducts a benchmark survey to the water treatment business. This survey consistently shows that most homeowners pay this price for the installation of a water softener system across America. As you can see these systems only cost $300-$500 more than one person business and offer a considerable increase in quality of product and customer support.  


Premium Water Softeners @ Unfriendly Prices: $3500-$6500+

Companies like Culligan Water, Pelican Water Systems, GE Avanta Pure, Rainsoft, and UDI have premium water systems at unfriendly prices.

Am I getting more by paying more? No. 

But don’t take my word for it. All of the mentioned companies in this price point struggle to maintain a 3 star customer experience. Which means some people like the products and services but just as many strongly dislike the decision to purchase with these companies. If you read their Google review you will learn the raw hard truth. These people are upset because the customer service experience did not match what the salesman described. Sometimes you get more when you pay more and then sometimes you just pay more. 


I hope this has helped you with your research. Water softeners in Jacksonville FL are a great benefit because our water is tremendously hard. These water softeners help protect your homes plumbing system and appliances and more. If you have a question for us please don’t hesitate to submit a comment or question and we will follow up with you promptly. Also, the prices above may vary depending on the quote includes the addition of a filtration system in addition to a water softener.





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  1. Florida Water Technologies says:

    Our softeners range from $1400-$1900 from standard to premium.

    99% of the time this price includes taxes, installation and all fees.

    1% of the time it could be up to $100 extra depending on the installation

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