Iron Curtain 2.0

Iron Curtain IC 2.0

Excessive Iron and Sulfur Filtration System


For High Iron and High Sulfur up to 10PPM!

The twin-tank Iron Curtain (IC) 2.0 is the most efficient way to remove iron, sulfur odor and black manganese without the use of chemicals. Featuring a multi-media depth filter, it’s more effective in filtration and can be custom programmed based on your water quality profile—which may save you thousands of gallons of water per year.

When iron and sulfur exceed 5ppm or higher the IC 2.0 may be necessary. Handling up to 10 ppm of iron and sulfur the IC 2.0 is considered by water treatment professionals as the most reliable well water filter on the market. Patented since 1992 this proprietary technology can handle the highest level of iron and sulfur reduction of any well water filter on the market.

Key Point:

  • Produces highly oxygenated water free from smells and rust
  • Twin Tank design provides twice the contact time than traditional systems
  • Independent air charge in tank 1, keeps oxygen levels high at all times
  • Patented technology since 1992
  • A simple water test would determine is this system is right you

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IC 2.0 Resources

Florida Water Technologies w Inc. is a leading distributor of well water filtration systems in Jacksonville FL and we want to help you with any questions you may have about the Iron Curtain 2.0. The resources reflect the latest version of the Iron Curtain 2.0 user manual and you can call (904) 551-9844 to speak with us about the configuration.