Reverse Osmosis Brands We Service

Reverse Osmosis Brands We Service

Filter Service, and Repairs

Jacksonville FL water quality is poor enough to require homeowners to take additional steps to assure clean, safe drinking water. The most used home filtration system in Jacksonville is a reverse osmosis system. A reverse osmosis system uses 3-5 stages of different filters to remove up to 95% of water contaminants. Regular service is recommended to assure that these reverse osmosis systems continue to work properly. Florida Water Technologies provides the filter services needed to keep your reverse osmosis system in good working order. You don’t have to buy a new system to receive service from Florida Water Tech Inc.

Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine

Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine-reverse osmosis

Florida Water Technologies Inc. can  service your Culligan AC-30 Good Water Machine system at a much better price than Culligan Jacksonville. We use high quality filter elements that are specifically designed and tested for your Culligan AC-30 system. Tired of waiting around for Culligan Jacksonville to call you back and then over-charging you when they finally show up? You can switch to Florida Water Technologies without having to buy a new water system. Make the switch today.

  • Pre Filters and Post Filter Change Outs
  • Sanitize and recharge the RO bladder storage tank
  • Lubricate the sealing o-rings (prevent leaks before they start)
  • Culligan Membrane Service Change Out

Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis

Hague H-3500 and H-6500 Reverse Osmosis Systems

Hague Dealers are sometimes hard to find. That’s why at Florida Water Technologies, we stock parts and filters to provide service for this reverse osmosis drinking water system. The Hague 3500 and 6500 RO systems use a booster pump which require you to pre-rinse your new filters so that fines from the new filters do not clog the pump causing system failure. If you need help with your Hague Reverse Osmosis system then give us a call.

  • Change Pre and Post RO filters (pre-rinsed)
  • Sanitize and adjust air pressure in RO bladder storage tank
  • Membrane replacement service-when needed.

Microline TFC 400

Microline TFC 300 and TFC 300

We stock all the filters for all the Microline Reverse Osmosis models. The Microline RO is a manifold style system that minimizes the potential for leaks and also features hand tight only threads for easy filter change outs. Depending on the model that you have the filters can differ as well as their arrangement. We handle all Microline Reverse Osmosis Models. ntrol Valve Seals and Gaskets Repairs

  • Pre and Post Filter Change Outs
  • Sanitize and Adjust Air Charge in RO bladder holding tank
  • Membrane Replacements When Needed

Water Right Eclipse Series

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Water Right Eclipse Series RO systems are used by Water Right Dealers. Unfortunately these dealers don’t seem to stay in business for great lengths of time so getting service can be pretty hard. Florida Water Technologies stocks all the filters necessary to provide service to Water Care and Water Right customers. No need to buy a new system, give us a call and we will be glad to service your Eclipse Reverse Osmosis drinking water System.

  • Pre and Post Filter Change Outs
  • Sanitize and Adjust Air Charge in RO bladder holding tank
  • Membrane service when TDS is too high

i Spring RCC7

i Spring RCC7 5 Stage, RCC7AK 6 Stage and RCC7AK UV-Deluxe 7 Stage reverse osmosis systems

If you have a i Spring RCC7 system Florida Water Technologies can provide service for this system if you are located in the Greater Jacksonville Area. This Reverse Osmosis system comes in 5, 6, and 7 Stage set ups each one a little different than the other. We stock a full variety of NSF certified filter elements that the i Spring RCC7 needs to make clean great tasting water year after year.

  • Pre and Post Filter Change Out Service
  • Sanitize and Adjust air charge in RO bladder storage tank
  • Change Alkaline Re-minneraliztion cartridge -i Spring RCC7AK and RCC7AK UV-Deluxe models only
  • Change UV anti-microbe post cartridge-i Spring RCC7AK UV-Deluxe model only
  • Membrane Changes are preformed when the TDS levels become too high

Not Sure Which Model You Have

Contact us we can help!

If you are not sure of the exact model of reverse osmosis system that you have we can help. We have dozens of suppliers all over the country, if we cant’ get the filters that you need than no one can.