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We offer a full menu of maintenance and repairs for many water treatment systems across North East Florida. From drinking water filters for drinking water systems to a routine water softener system check-up we have got you covered. We also repair a full range of water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Jacksonville FL.

Reverse Osmosis Filter Service

Reverse Osmosis Filter Service

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Changes

Reverse Osmosis systems filter 95-98% of known contaminants and require annually filter changes and system maintenance. Jacksonville FL’s water supply has roughly 23 contaminants that are registered on The Safe Drinking Water Act list.  Over the coarse of 12 months the reverse osmosis cartridges will filter thousands of gallons of water and they will need to be replaced to assure safe great tasting drinking water.

  • Replace Pre and Post Filters
  • Check and Fill Air Charge in the RO Tank
  • Inspect Housings and O-rings-stop leaks before they start
  • Test and Inspect Membrane

Water Softener Resin Service

and Repairs

Water Softener Resin Replacement and Repairs

Repair your water softener instead of replace it? We can help!

We stock parts and provide repair services for most Jacksonville FL Water Softener Companies brand of water softeners. While water softener resin replacement is usually the most needed water softener service, our vans are stocked with parts needed to perform other repairs too.

  • Water Softener Resin Media Replacement-Most Utilized Service
  • Control Valve Seals and Gaskets Repairs
  • Leaky Tank Replacements

Water Testing

Florida Water Technologies Inc. can test your water for water hardness, chlorine, PH, Iron, Sulfide Gas (H2S gas or rotten egg odor), and TDS (drinking water quality test). Jacksonville FL hard water has excessively high hardness levels and a water softener from Florida Water Technologies can help.

  • Testing is Free if you have our equipment or not
  • Testing is available for city water and well water

Water Softener Diagnostics and Repairs

Water Softener Diagnostic Inspections

Not sure your water softener is working correctly? Our factory trained technicians can test your water and run diagnostics on your system to see if the water softener is working correctly. If repairs are needed we will provide you with an estimate for those repairs.

  • Diagnostic Service Call: $79
  • Most brands apply
  • Service area includes the greater Jacksonville area and all of North East Florida

Water System Maintenance Services

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Water softeners use salt to make the water softener work and require routine top offs of water softener salt. The salt never needs to be changed rather a water softener will consume salt just like your car consumes fuel. Even if you have another brand of water softener system in Jacksonville FL we can provide salt that will work great with your system.

  • Our delivery service includes putting the salt into the system versus leaving the salt bags at your garage door
  • Salt Deliveries are scheduled quarterly, a water softener system can hold enough salt to accommodate quarterly top offs
  • You will receive a call and or email to schedule your quarterly service, optional dates and times will be made available for your convenience
  • No contract required unlike companies that rhyme with mulligan

Whole House Filter Changes

Whole house filtration systems are very popular because they provide filtered water at every tap in the house at a fair price. An average family of 4 can use up to 60,000 gallons of water in a 12 month interval which, depending on how high your chlorine levels are, could justify a filter change. Jacksonville FL has enough chlorine in our tap water to regulate a swimming pool, 1.5-2.0 ppm chlorine.

  • Change Carbon Based Filter Element-City Water
  • Change Sediment Reducing Cartridge-Well Water
  • Inspect O-Ring and Housing Threads for wear