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Clack Water Softener

CPRC Series

Florida Water Technologies provides water softener maintenance and repairs for Clack water softener systems in Jacksonville FL. We use certified OEM parts which are manufactured to the exact specs of the CPRC Series Water Softener . 

If you have this system at your house then there is no need to replace it with a new one. This water softener system will last many years if it is maintained correctly. Give us a call to discuss water softener maintenance and repairs.

Clack Water Softener Repairs

Resin Replacement Service

Service Includes:

  • Extract old resin, gravel and remove old interior plumbing system 
  • Clean and rinse softener tank 
  • Add new interior plumbing system 
  • Load new gravel underbedding and new resin media
  • FWT Customer Experience Rating 4.9 Stars

Internal Seals Replacement

Service Includes:

  • Disassemble Clack WS1 Valve 
  • Remove and inspect Seal Pack and Piston Condition
  • Replace with new Seal Pack 
  • Replace piston only if damaged 

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Chris Gell-Service Manager

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Chris returns calls twice a per day and can get this scheduled within the week in most cases.

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