Servicing A Culligan AC 30 Good Water Machine Reverse Osmosis

Florida Water Technologies Can Service Your Culligan Reverse Osmosis System

We are faster and more affordable than Culligan Jacksonville

Culligan AC 30

Florida Water Technologies can provide service for your Culligan AC 30 Reverse Osmosis system faster and at a better price. We use certified compatible filter cartridges designed and manufactured to the exact specs of the Culligan AC 30. 

If you are dissatisfied with the price and promptness of service from Culligan Jacksonville we invite you to give us a try. The AC-30 is a great reverse osmosis system and there is no reason to replace it.

Routine Filter Maintenance and Membrane Replacement

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Culligan Compatible Filters

Our Price: $139

  • Change (2) pre-filters and (1) post Filter
  • Sanitize/ Disenfect RO Holding Tank (this step is often skipped)
  • Check and top off air charge in RO bladder tank
  • lube O-Rings to prevent leaks
  • FWT Customer Experience Rating 4.9 Stars

Culligan Compatible Membrane

Price Including Installation: $89

  • Engineered to fit and operate with your Culligan AC 30 Good Water Machine.
  • 36 Gallon Per Day Output
  • 90%-98% TDS Reduction
  • Only needed 3-5 years based on water chemistry and usage

Contact Our Service Manager

Chris Gell-Service Manager

904-551-9844 ext. 2

Chris returns calls twice a per day and can get this scheduled within the week in most cases.

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