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Resin Replacement and more

When water softener resin goes bad it does not mean that you have to replace the entire water softener system with a new one. We can easily replace the resin media inside the water softener to get you back on track. Water softener resin media is sensitive to chlorine exposure. Chlorine is an oxidizing agent that works against the internal parts of a water softener system causing pre mature failure. Typically the water softener resin media will require changing once every 5 to 10 years. However, if you install a pre filter ahead of your water softener then the internal parts will be protected from oxidation and the system will last much longer.

Culligan Gold Series

Culligan Gold Series Water Softener and Culligan Medalist Series Water Softener

Hey Culligan Man, “why is your service so poor and yet so expensive?”

If you are tired of the cumbersome Culligan Jacksonville service department we can help. We service Culligan Gold and Culligan Medalist water softeners in Jacksonville FL on a regular basis. We use top quality NSF certified resin media that is fresh from the manufacturer to guarantee exceptional results for any water softener system. Often times a large company like Culligan Jacksonville struggles to provide timely service that is priced fair. Florida Water Technologies inc. can service your Culligan Water Softener if it needs a resin replacement service.

  • Culligan Resin Replacement-YES
  • Culligan By pass valve-YES
  • Culligan PC Boards and Valve Parts-NO

CP Water Technologies CPRC Series

Coast Pump Water Technologies CPRC Series

We can fully service the Water Technologies CPRC series water softener but only if you are located in the greater Jacksonville FL area.  Florida Water Technologies is not the manufacturer of this brand of system. However, this is the most wide used wholesale brand of water softener used by plumbers and others throughout our area (it’s offered by Coast Pump Water Technologies). It’s a good softener for the money but it does have two main service areas that are repeatedly needed. Resin replacement and new seals inside the valve. The resin used in this softener from CP Water Technologies is very cheap and often times sits in warehouses for years before it’s used causing it to dry out. Also, the seals used inside the control valve are not chlorine resistant which means they fail roughly every 4-5 years. We can fix this system making it good as new for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

  • Water Technologies CPRC resin replacement-YES
  • PC Board and Seals replacement-YES

Affordable Water Ultimate II

Affordable Water Jax Ulimate II Series

This water softener is based on the Fleck 2510 valve platform. It uses a timer motor and utilizes an older nobs and gears interface. Common parts replaced on the valve include, timer motor, bypass boot, brine piston and main piston with it’s seals, and the meter dome. Lesser often this system needs micro-switches. The Ultimate II also uses the lesser 8% resin median which can require replacement in as little as 5 years. We stock all the parts and resin to keep this system running smooth.

  • Resin Replacement-YES
  • Piston, seals, and motors-YES
  • Bypass and Bypass Boot-YES

Fleck 5600

Fleck 5600

Like the Fleck 2510 this system also utilizes an old fashion nobs and gears interface. It to requires, timer motor, brine piston, main piston w/ seals, meter dome and sometimes a new wheel. Fleck 5600 models are distributed through wholesale suppliers and are built with cheap 8% or less resin media that requires changing roughly every 5 years. We have the parts and resin in stock to keep this system running as it’s designed.

  • Resin Replacement-YES
  • All Parts Replacement-YES

GE Avanta Pure

GE Avanta Pure

The company that distributes these water softeners charge over $5000.00 to have the system installed and then they don’t come back to perform service. If you have purchased this model water softener system and failed to get help with service we can help. This system is built on the GE Logix platform and lucky for you these parts are easy to come by. Also, the Avanta Pure water softener uses a dual media tank with both carbon for filtration and resin for water softening. The valves are usually pretty solid, you may only need to change the flappers or a motor, motor cable occasionally. However to keep the system running optimally it will require new carbon/ resin every 4-6 years.

  • Resin and Carbon Replacement-YES
  • PC Board, Motor valve parts-YES

Kenitico Water Softener Systems

Kenitico Water Softeners

Im sorry to say that we are not providing service to these water softeners at this time. It is cheaper to replace the entire water softener than to replace the parts inside of the Kenitico Valve. The selling point to a Kenitico is that they do not use electricity-however this benefit is offset by the grossly complicated and expensive valve. Whereby after 10 years of service we cannot simply change the piston and seals like other water softeners. This Kenitico system uses 11 ceramic gears similar to a watch or clock. If you have experienced this set back then we would be happy to quote you a replacement option for you.

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