Premium Water Softening System – 89HE Series Water Softener

89HE Series Premium Water Softening System

Protects Appliances Pipes and Fixtures, Makes Bathrooms and Kitchens Easier to Clean, and makes Skin and Hair Healthier, while Reducing Existing Hard Water Build Up

The Smartest Most Efficient Water Softener Control Valve on the Market, by Hydrotech. 

High Efficiency Water Softener, What is it?

Water softener systems measure efficiency by two categories. Salt Use and Salt Waste. Our 89 HE series leads the field in both categories, making it a great option to soften hard Jacksonville water.

Salt Use

Salt use is a term that refers to how many grains of resin can be regenerated per pound of salt used. 10 years ago the efficient standard for salt use was a water softener must be able to regenerate 3,300 grains or resin per 1 lb. of salt used. The California Salt Efficiency for water softeners upped that to 4,000 grains per 1 lb. of salt used. Proudly, our 89 HE series can soften a remarkable 5,000 grains of water softener resin per 1 lb. of salt (in efficiency mode). Salt efficiency is important for states/areas that re-use their water due to reduced availability. A water softeners role in re-used water comes down to salinity and chlorides. A less efficient water softener will produce a discharge water higher both salinity and chlorides making it harder to re-use. However, highly efficient water softeners reduce this negative impact-assisting in water re-use. Important to note, North East Florida has an abundant water supply and there a currently no regulations on salt use associated with water softeners. However, If regulations are implemented our 89 HE model already exceeds todays toughest water softener regulations.

Salt Waste

Water softener salt waste is realized when a water softener uses more salt than is necessary per regeneration cycle. This happens for two reason. First, most softeners have a preset amount of salt to be used during regeneration that cannot be changed (i.e. 8 lbs. of salt to be used each regeneration). Second, water softeners regenerate in the middle of the night so it has to decide to trigger a regeneration tonight or can it wait to tomorrow night. Let’s say it triggers a regeneration tonight. Nearly 100% of the time you will still have unused healthy capacity that will be re-regenerated wasting salt. Because of the healthy unused capacity let’s say the water softener could be fully regenerated with 6 lbs. of salt instead of the 8 lbs. Standard water softeners cannot adjust their salt dosage to account for the healthy unused capacity. Consequently, they re-regenerate the healthy unused capacity wasting the 2 lbs. of salt. That’s 2 lbs. of wasted salt during one regeneration cycle imagine how much salt is wasted year after year.  Our 89HE does not do this. Using Optimal Precision Brining, our system can adjust the salt dose used at every regeneration independently. This matches the amount of salt to be used precisely to the amount of water you use eliminating salt waste. Pretty cool.

  • NSF Certified electronic control valve
  • Upflow Regeneration with Optimal Precision Brining provides high-efficiency performance and lowest possible salt usage
  • Automatic Backwash Override Skips Backwashing when it’s not necessary saving up to 2000 gallons or water per year
  • Self Charging Capacitor remembers Time of Day for up to 48 hours (no battery needed)
  • Soft Water Recharge performs quick Regeneration ensuring you never run out of soft water
  • NSF Certified Mineral Tank
  • IAPMO Certified High Capacity Ion Exchange water softener resin
  • NSF Certified Brine Tank with Salt Grid to prevent Salt Bridging
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Fill
  • Brine Safety Overflow Valve for Overflow Protection
  • Space Saving By pass valve

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89 HE Series Features

Water Softener Services

Salt Delivery Service

Mortons Salt

Adding salt to a water softener is the only regular maintenance that it needs. We offer full service salt delivery to all of our water softener customers. Your family size  will determine the frequency of salt deliveries with a typical family size requiring salt only once a quarter.

Your system will never run out of salt with our salt delivery service.

Add a Filter for Best Results

Whole home filtration and water softening systems have become very popular installations in Jacksonville FL. Making softer water and improving water quality have made these systems a hit. Whole home water filtration systems come in a variety of sizes and can be added to any water softener system. Enhancing water quality and extending the life of your water softener are the two main benefits of installing a whole home filtration system in Jacksonville FL.