ProMate 6.0 DMT

ProMate 6.0 DMT

Filters and Softens Water, Effective for Entire Home, Great for Sensitive Skin

The Pro Mate 6.0 DMT Advanced Treatment System combines two water treatment filtration medias in one tank providing filtered soft water for every tap in the house. This advanced system utilized two patented internal disks to separate the carbon media from the softening media allowing for easy carbon replacement services when necessary. Our premium Catalytic carbon utilizes advanced pore structures that remove pesticides, herbicides and like contaminants, as well as chlorine, ammonia and more! Our hard Jacksonville water is treated with chlorine, lot’s of it, making our whole house filtration system one of our more popular systems.  Remove unwanted chemicals for all your water needs with our Pro Mate 6.0 DMT Advanced Treatment System.


  • 10% Crosslinked Premium Grade Resin Back lit display with user friendly electronics
  • Catalytic Carbon removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, pesticides, insecticides and more
  • Built in Battery Back Up
  • 2 patented disk separators keeps carbon and resin medias separate which extends resin media life
  • Smart Clean self cleaning feature keeps resin clean in like new condition automatically
  • Smart regeneration technology monitors and calculates your specific usage to schedule regenerations, saving salt and system wear and tear

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PM6 DMT Resources

Florida Water Technologies w Inc. is a leading distributor of water softeners in Jacksonville FL and we want to help you with any questions you may have about the ProMate 6.0 DMT water softening system. You may have a system in your home or business and simply want to know more about the inner workings. We agree and understand that sometimes you want to do the research yourself. The resources reflect the latest version of the ProMate 6.0 DMT user manual and you can call (904) 551-9844 to speak with us about the configuration.

Water Softener Services

Salt Delivery Service

Mortons Salt

We offer full service salt delivery to all of our water softener customers. Your family size  will determine the frequency of salt deliveries with a typical family size requiring salt only once a quarter.

Your system will never run out of salt with our salt delivery service.

Water Softener Annual Inspection


Owning a water softener in Jacksonville FL can be unfamiliar especially if you relocated here from another area that did not have hard water. Our Annual Maintenance provides the peace of mind that some find helpful. A technician will test your water and run diagnostics on the water softener annually to assure proper water softener function.