Salt Free Water Softener Quick Facts-Do They Work on Hard Jacksonville Water?

Salt Free Water Softener Performance Evaluation

How do they compare to traditional water softeners in terms of making hard water softer?

What Does This Hard Water Drop Test Reveal?

The hard water test kit used for this demonstration is the Hach 5B Hardness Test Kit (cat. no. 145300). It detects the presence of hard water minerals by turning pink which represents a hard water sample. Furthermore it detects soft water by turning blue which represents the absence of hardness minerals. As you can see from the test results a traditional salt based water softener makes soft water while the salt free system does not. The salt free water softener in this test was provided by Pelican Water Treatment. 

  • Salt Free Water Softeners and Traditional Salt Based Softeners produce measureably different results
  • Traditional Salt Based Water softeners work by removing the unwanted hardness minerals from your water=hard water symptoms impossible 
  • Salt Free Systems do not remove any of the hardness minerals in your water=hard water symptoms likely 
  • Salt Free Systems cannot produce a definitive test result to confirm the application is working with your water
Pelican vs traditional

Soaps Behave Differently

soaps test pelican vs

Next we tested these samples by adding a drop of tincture soap to both. As you can see the water sample softened by a traditional water softener produces lots of suds without making the water cloudy and dingy, this result will completely change your typical cleaning tasks dramatically for the better. However the sample softened by a Pelican Water Softener does not produce any suds. If we were to use the Pelican Water System at your home for typical cleaning tasks the results that you will receive are going to be very similar to what you have now, which are likely not good. (if your in Jacksonville FL cleaning tasks are next to impossible because of our high levels of hard water minerals) Furthermore if you used water from a traditional water softener for your cleaning tasks you’ll notice things like laundry and towels clean better, no more spots or white scale formations form in your kitchens and baths and also you can use 50%-60% fewer soaps and cleaning agents. (which is a big environmental impact and cost savings)

Remember the Pelican Water Softener is not removing any of the hardness minerals that make our water hard. The water chemistry after a salt free softener is installed is going to be the exact same, in terms of hardness, as it was before. The technology is supposed to zap or alter the behavior of these hard water minerals-not remove them.

A hard water test will show that a Pelican Water Softener reveals that no change has taken place in your water, so how would you expect your hard water symptoms to go away?

Pelican confirms that your hard water symptoms are sure to remain

Pelican Water Systems offer the NS3 and the NS6 salt free water softeners. The owners manual to these products have a “what to expect” section located in towards the back where they describe the results that you will have with their systems compared to a traditional softener. They go on to describe how a Pelican really doesn’t soften your water, spots and scale deposits will remain and hard water cleaning products (chemicals) will be needed in the bathrooms and dishwashers.

What To Expect-If you had a traditional water softener (Pages 12-13) 

You will notice…

  1. Pelican Water does not feel soft. It goes on to say if you want your water to feel softer while bathing then you can add some Sodium Bicarbonate to your bath.
  2. With Pelican the “Water Spots” are more visible. This is so because the Pelican systems do not remove the hard water minerals-hard water in hard water out.
  3. With Pelican, Soap Curd (soap scum) forms. Soap curd is produces when soaps bind with hard water minerals. This soap scum coats your skin and causes dry skin issues and it also gives you that hazy white sheen in the showers that is hard to clean. Again this result is what you already have now.
  4. With Pelican, Mineral silt deposits in the bathtub will remain. They go on to say that depending on your water chemistry you will still have scale formations growing in your plumbing system.
  5. With Pelican, you will still need the hard water rinse agents in the dishwasher to prevent spotting on your glass and firmware. They actually sell a brand of hard water rinse agent on their web site…
  6. With Pelican, if you have a shower glass door you will need to clean it with CLR a cleaning agent (stands for Calcium. Lime. Rust.) and then coat the shower with Rain X, the stuff you use on your cars windshield.

Pelican Customers Confirm these Conclusions

A Pelican Salt Free system is not a water but unfortunately that is not how they describe it. When people buy a water softener they are trying to fix the hard water symptoms like, hard water spots, dry itchy skin, plumbing damage from scale formations and more. Pelican does offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee but after 90 days your stuck with it. The catch is that it may take longer than 90 days for these hard water symptoms to start compounding enough to be visibly noticeable and by then it’s to late. The following reviews are from Pelican’s Google page from actual customers that learned the hard way that this product is not a water softener, nor should it be described as one.


The only way to get true relief from hard water symptoms is to remove these minerals from your water. The most efficient means of doing this in Jacksonville FL is by installing a traditional salt based water softener. What’s especially nice about a traditional water softener is a simple chemistry test will prove a change has taken place. Our technicians wait to collect payment until after they test the water to confirm your results. A water softener system in Jacksonville works by removing these minerals before the water enters your home making it impossible to have symptoms of hard water. If the salt free systems really produced a real result our Jacksonville based water softener company would stock and install them. After all it’s our business to fix hard water and if something out there works better then we want to offer it. But unfortunately salt free systems do not produce measurable results.