Premium HTO 89HE Series

HTO 89HE Series

Removes Hardness Minerals as well as Chlorine, Chloramines, along with other chemicals.

The 89 HE Water Softener Control Valve is the Most Efficient on the Market. By Hydrotech.

Our unique 2 Tank System keeps the two media beds separate.

Tank One contains a minimum of 1.0 cu. ft. of Catalytic Carbon. Tank One removes Chlorine and Chloramines before it enters Tank Two, the water softener. Utilizing a full size tank for carbon filtration has many benefits. First, this allows the use of more carbon compared to single tank systems. In like manner, the use of more carbon greatly improves the removal of chlorine, chloramines and organics. Additionally, by having the carbon media separate equals a easy more cost effective replacement than single tank “all in one” systems. We use only Catalytic Carbon in this model because Chloramines exist in some water supplies in NE Florida. Chloramines require Catalytic Carbon and  will not be removed by using normal coconut shell carbon or CSC.

Tank Two. Tank two is your water softener. Water softeners can last up to 20 years if they are never exposed to Chlorine. Chlorine (and Chloramines) are aggressive oxidizers that cause damage to internal parts causing failure. In light of this, Tank Two will never come into contact with chlorine which will greatly prolong the life of the system. Simply put, this is the last system you’ll ever need. 

  • 1″ Ports provide high flow rates for larger homes 
  • Up-Flow Regeneration with Optimal Precision Brining=high efficiency and lowest possible salt usage.
  • Self Adjusting Backwash saves up to 2000 gallons of water per year. 
  • Large 4 Line Touch Pad LCD display. Simple and easy to use. 
  • Automatic System Flush refreshes system during periods of non use preventing bacteria growth
  • Soft Water Recharge performs quick regeneration ensuring you never run out of soft water 
  • Soft Water Brine Fill Keeps Brine Tank Clean
  • Self Charging Capacitor keeps date/ time for 48 hours (No battery needed)  

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HTO 89HE Features

Water Softener Services

Salt Delivery Service

Mortons Salt

We offer full service salt delivery to all of our water softener customers. Your family size  will determine the frequency of salt deliveries with a typical family size requiring salt only once a quarter.

Your system will never run out of salt with our salt delivery service.

Water Softener Annual Inspection


Owning a water softener in Jacksonville FL can be unfamiliar especially if you relocated here from another area that did not have hard water. Our Annual Maintenance provides the peace of mind that some find helpful. A technician will test your water and run diagnostics on the water softener annually to assure proper water softener function.