Premium Water Softening System – Platinum Series Water Softener

Platinum Series Premium Water Conditioning System

Protects Appliances Pipes and Fixtures, Makes Bathrooms and Kitchens Easier to Clean, and makes Skin and Hair Healthier, while Reducing Existing Hard Water Build Up

The Platinum Series water conditioner is the best choice for making hard Jacksonville Fl water softer. It is both highly efficient and built to last. Water softener efficiency is measured by the amount of salt waste that is produced per regeneration cycle. Less efficient water softeners produce high amounts of salt waste while more efficient models produce less. Proudly, our Platinum Series eliminates salt waste by utilizing the most current efficiency technology, proportional bringing. This technology allows this water system to match the salt consumed to the water used. In fact, not one pound of salt is wasted by utilizing proportional bringing. Because of this, the savings in salt can top 50% over mechanical outdated water softener systems. In addition, our Platinum Series proudly offers Jacksonville Fl residents the highest quality of craftsmanship. You see, the quality of a water softener is measured by the quality of materials used to build your water softener. Internal parts like internal plumbing, seals and gaskets and the water softener ion-exchange resin media play a crucial role in water softener quality. The Platinum Series Water Softener uses the highest quality materials available to water dealers today. The result, years of reliable uninterrupted soft water service for your home and family.


  • 10% Crosslinked Premium Grade Resin
  • Proportional Brining with Up Flow (or Counter Current) Regeneration wont waste a single pound of water softener salt
  • Built in Battery Back Up
  • Max Flow Technology-is a self cleaning internal plumbing component that assures the same water pressure for years and years
  • Energy Save Mode-Turns off electricity consuming items during periods of incactivity

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Platinum Series

Salt Level Indicator

We thought a premium water conditioning system should make your life easier. So, with the push of a button the Platinum Series Water Softener will indicate how much salt is left in the tank. You see, your water softener will require regular salt top offs to maintain water quality for your home. In addition if the salt level becomes to low this system will prompt you to check the salt level. Another feature is energy save mode. This feature will turn off unneeded power consumption during periods of inactivity reducing total power consumption to just $3 to $5 per year. To request a product brochure or obtain more information about the Platinum Series water softener please contact our staff at 904-551-9844 ext. 1.

Energy Save Mode

Water Softener Services

Salt Delivery Service

Mortons Salt

Adding salt to a water softener is the only regular maintenance that it needs. We offer full service salt delivery to all of our water softener customers. Your family size  will determine the frequency of salt deliveries with a typical family size requiring salt only once a quarter.

Your system will never run out of salt with our salt delivery service.

Add a Filter for Best Results

Whole home filtration and water softening systems have become very popular installations in Jacksonville FL. Making softer water and improving water quality have made these systems a hit. Whole home water filtration systems come in a variety of sizes and can be added to any water softener system. Enhancing water quality and extending the life of your water softener are the two main benefits of installing a whole home filtration system in Jacksonville FL.