Standard Water Softener E3

Standard Water Softener E3

Softens Hard Water, Protects Plumbing Appliances from Hard Water Damage

Looking for a great residential water softener for hard Jacksonville water at a great price, look no further. The Hellenbrand E3 offers state of the art water softener features while keeping things easy on the budget. Have soft and luxurious water throughout your entire home.

Key Points:

8% cross-linked resin
Corrosion resistant valve and tanks for longer life
Fully Metered Control maximizes salt and water efficiency 40% more efficient than analog mechanical water softeners
Battery Backup built in, power outages will not disrupt soft water output
Digital Display with User Friendly Electronics

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E3 Details & Resources

Florida Water Technologies w Inc. is a leading distributor of water softeners in Jacksonville FL and we want to help you with any questions you may have about the E3 Standard Water Softening System. Simple and efficient the E3 can soften our hard water that we have in Jacksonville FL. This system is the perfect fit for those looking for a simple and straight forward approach for their hard water needs. The resources reflect the latest version of the ProMate 6.0 user manual and you can call (904) 551-9844 to speak with us about the configuration.

Water Softener Services

Salt Delivery Service

Mortons Salt

Adding salt to a water softener is the only regular maintenance that it needs. We offer full service salt delivery to all of our water softener customers. Your family size  will determine the frequency of salt deliveries with a typical family size requiring salt only once a quarter.

Your system will never run out of salt with our salt delivery service.

Water Softener Annual Inspection


Once a water softener is installed at my home am I on my own? Owning a water softener in Jacksonville FL can be unfamiliar especially if you relocated here from another area that did not have hard water. Our Annual Maintenance provides the peace of mind that some find helpful. A technician will test your water and run diagnostics on the water softener annually to assure proper water softener function.