Water Softener System Installation in Jacksonville, FL

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and permanently warm temperatures, which makes it a place many wish to visit, move to, or retire in. However, what many people don’t know when they come to the Sunshine State is that we have the worst hard water of all the states on the Eastern Seaboard.

Although still potable, hard water presents issues that you don’t want for your home or its occupants. Avoid these challenges by choosing Florida Water Technologies to perform a water softener system installation in your Jacksonville, FL, residence.

Water Softener Sales

At Florida Water Technology, we offer a variety of water softeners for sale that can manage different loads of water consumption for residential and commercial properties. All of our systems soften water for your entire residence, so you don’t have to worry about the effects of hard water on your pipes, skin, or home surfaces.

Water Softener Installation

Once you decide which water softening system is best for your needs and budget, our team can perform the installation. Our whole team, from the office staff to the service technicians, is committed to getting the job done correctly and to providing you with the utmost customer satisfaction. For this reason, we offer free water inspections so that we can give you advice on which system you should choose and provide an accurate estimate of the cost to install it.

When we install your water softener system, we don’t waste any time — we want you to experience the benefits of soft water in your home as soon as possible. However, this doesn’t mean we sacrifice the quality of the work we do. We put our full effort into every job in order to provide effective and efficient service.

To learn more about our water softener installation service, call us today at (904) 551-9844.