What a Water Softener System Does

When a homeowner finds they have hard water a water softener system may help. This post answers the question, What Does These Systems actually do. You see, 85% of US homes have some level of hard water. Hard water forms white scale formations that can damage appliances and fixtures. Also, hard water makes cleaning harder requiring more chemicals and more time. Essentially, a water softener system is a appliance that removes hard water minerals (ions) by exchanging them with sodium ions. Find Your Areas Hard Water Here

Resin Tank

Hard water simply refers to water containing hard water ions. These ions cause the hard water symptoms like white scale and damage once they mix with oxygen and heat inside your home. A hard water ion has a positive charge making it a cation. The resin tank is filled with ion exchange resin media that is negatively charged. When hard water passes through the resin media tank the resin attracts the calcium ion sticking to the resins surface, removing it from the water. Once the hardness ion is removed the water is now soft.

Drain Line

Once the resin tank is full of calcium hardness it purges itself through a process called regeneration. During regeneration the resin media is washed with a high concentration of sodium ions that break the bond between the resin and calcium. While this is happening, a water softener system will be discharging water to a drain. You see, the water softener valve will calculate how much salt and rinsing is needed to purge all the hardness minerals out of the tank.

Did you know if a water treatment system does not have a drain line then it’s not an actual water softener?

This is key difference between water softener systems and the salt free devices that are presented as water softeners. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SALT BASED SYSTEMS VS SALT FREE SYSTEMS

Salt Pot

89 He Series

A water softener system uses sodium to purge the resin tank ongoingly. Because of this, you will have to fill the salt pot regularly. How much salt you use will depend on how much hardness minerals each gallon of water contain and how much water you use.

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