Drinking Water & Filtration

Drinking Water and Filtration

Under Sink, Whole House, and Water Filters

Your water quality is our top priority. Our superior product line is diverse and competitively priced to fit any budget. In addition our customers rate us higher than any other Jacksonville based water treatment company. Whether your needing a drinking water system or a whole house filtration system take the time to read about these products. And when your ready to contact us give us a call with any questions you may have. Our industry leading warranty program will put your mind at ease when you install with Florida Water Technologies.

Drinking Water Systems

Clear Solutions-Standard Drinking Water Filtration System

Water Contaminants come in a variety of types.This proprietary carbon block filtration system has been tested to remove a wide variety of known water contaminants. Likewise with this system you can enjoy fresh and safe drinking water at your existing sink faucet or refrigerator. For your convenience, it features a sanitary simple to change cartridge that any home owner could change themselves.

Millennium Reverse Osmosis-Premium Drinking Water Purifier

Our most advanced system uses reverse osmosis to purify your families drinking water. Four stages of enhanced filtration filter out up to 99% of the contaminants. This system is equipped with a dedicated dispensing faucet which we install at your kitchen sink. Your family will enjoy purified water on tap for all your drinking and cooking needs.

Whole House Filtration Systems

Standard Filtration-Pentair Whole Home Filtration System

Our whole house filtration system is your solution to stinky and bad tasting water in Jacksonville FL. This system removes impurities like chlorine taste and odor, along with pesticides, insecticides throughout your entire home. Also, the routine filter change outs are convenient and inexpensive compared to other filtration systems. This system is our top selling home filtration system.

Premium Filtration-Enpress One Filtration System

If you have a larger home then our Enpress One filtration system may be right for you. This filtration system has twice the filter surface area than our standard system. Which makes this system ideal for high use applications often found with larger homes. The filter cartridges have high dirt holding capability and generous chlorine reduction capacity. Which results in reduced frequency of the filter change outs saving you money.