Water Softener Comparison: Pelican Water Systems

Buyers Guide Pelican vs Pro Mate 6

Do Pelican Water Systems produce dependable results when used in our “Very Hard” Jacksonville water supply? This is a side by side look at how these salt free systems perform against traditional salt based systems when used in our very hard local water supply. We will compare how these systems work on: spots and film, and plumbing and appliances.

What’s the Main Difference?

The main difference between these systems is simple.

Traditional Salt based systems work by completely removing the hard water minerals so that it would be impossible to have symptoms of hard water in your home.

Pelican Systems do not remove any of the hard water minerals so symptoms of hard remain in the water that supplies your home.

What then does a Pelican Water System do?

They claim that the Pelican system can zap or alter the hardness minerals (but not remove them) to make these minerals act like soft water instead of hard water inside your home. The problem with that is, there is no test in chemistry to prove or confirm that a real change has taken place. You are more or less taking a step of faith.

1. Hard Water Spots and Film:

The primary concern for customers seeking a water system is it’s effectiveness in reducing/ removing hard water spots and film. The never ending spots and film associated with Jacksonville hard water can be overwhelming and it’s important to know that Pelican Water Systems do not impact or reduce the spots and film associated with hard water. In their own words (PSE 1800 / PSE 2000 owners manual) they clearly state that hard water spots are MORE visible with their system versus a traditional water softener because they do not actually remove the culprit, which is hardness minerals.

 Pelican Water Softeners 

  • Hard Water Minerals NOT Removed    = Hard Water Spots and Film Remain
  • No Chemistry Test to Confirm Results = How Do You Determine Results? 

Pro-Mate 6.0 Water Softener

  • Hard Water Minerals ARE Removed  = Hard Water Spots and Film are Amended 
  • Chemistry Test CAN Confirm Results = Peace of mind is guaranteed 


2. Plumbing and Appliances  

Spots and film will remain with the use of a Pelican water system, but what about the plumbing and appliances?

Pelican Water Softeners

  • Hard Water Minerals NOT Removed = Scale Deposits WILL remain in your plumbing system
  • Hard Water Rinse Agents (chemical water softeners, i.e. surfactants):  are required in the dishwasher              

Pro-Mate 6.0 Water Softener

  • Hard Water Minerals ARE Removed = Scale Deposits WILL NOT remain in your plumbing system
  • Soap usage reduced by 60% and NO RINSE AGENTS are required 

Soft Water Works Harder 

Salt based water softeners are the preferred hard water treatment method in Jacksonville FL. In as much, Florida Water Technologies has been bringing Great Water Softeners at Common Sense Prices to our area for over 10 Years. For 100’s of years traditional salt based systems have been established as the primary solution to hard water problems and because of their effectiveness have stood the test of time. Salt free, too good to be true, systems have been tried over and over with no sustainable results.



Our Water Systems not only outperform Pelican Water Softeners they cost less too:





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