Best Water Softener Companies in Jacksonville FL

3 Common Sense Guidelines to Selecting a Water Softener Company in Jacksonville FL

Water softener companies can all be compared through their local reputation, quality of products, and pricing. If you have done some research you will learn that the highest priced companies usually have the most unhappy customers. This unhappiness occurs when the client realizes that he/she just paid 3,4,5 times more than the water softener’s actual value. In addition to the high price they soon realize that dealing with the customer service department after the sale is also a complete disaster. Let us help you avoid these pitfalls.



It’s easy nowadays to select a business based on established positive customer feedback. Happy customers are more than willing to share their good experiences or their bad experiences with the online community. The key to accessing reviews that are accurate is to use a third party source. Meaning companies that post reviews on their website (that they own and operate) may not be entirely accurate. Companies like Google, The Better Business Bureau, and Home Advisor own the web spaces that consumer reviews are posted on. So the reviews on these sites are more trustworthy than reviews posted by a water softener company on their own web site.

Quality Products:

There are two main distribution avenues whereby water softeners are distributed to dealers in Jacksonville Fl. Whole Sellers and Manufacturer direct.

Whole Sale Water Softener Distribution

The whole sellers supply water softeners to small dealers or individuals that in turn resell to the general public. These systems are lower quality than Manufacturer Direct premium water softener systems lasting only have as long as a premium model. Whole sale water suppliers don’t require their customer, the re-seller,  to carry things like Workers Compensation Insurance or Liability Insurance or neither do they verify if a re-seller is Licensed to conduct business of this kind. Dealing with a re-seller of whole sale quality water softeners transfers more risk to the homeowner and should be avoided. If you are not sure simply ask to see their license and insurance policies (also check expiration dates on their license and policies).

Manufacturer Direct Premium Water Softener Distribution

This is the most preferred option of home owners for multiple reasons. First most (not all) premium water softeners will easily last twice as long as cheap whole sale brand water softeners, and a dealer has to actually be a real company not a garage based business and insurances must be up to date. Additionally, most premium brands only select one dealer per region to distribute their water softeners. This helps quality control to you the end user.


I think you would agree that most consumers would select a premium water softener from a verified reputable company, but how much should it cost. According to a third party survey from Water Technology Magazine, the average single family home pays $1500-$1900 (including installation). Companies like Culligan, Rainsoft, Kenitico, and others grossly over charge customers for their premium water softeners charging 3,4 times this dollar amount. Consequently they have the most unhappy customers in the city.


Florida Water Technologies is the best water softener company in Jacksonville Fl. We provide the highest quality of water softener systems at common sense competitive pricing backed with up our exclusive customer service. Our purchase customers enjoy same day or next day service calls whenever you need us we will be there. Also, our systems come with our free inspections. From time to time we will perform a check up of your water softener at no charge. We hope you would give us a chance to provide a written or verbal estimate if you are looking for a water softener in Jacksonville FL. 



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