Does Soft Water Feel Slippery?

I often get asked if it’s harder to rinse the soap off when using soft water. Some people refer to this sensation as the water feeling slippery. Yes, compared to hard water soft water does feel a lot different. But this difference is a tremendous health benefit once you understand it. You see, hard water creates soap scum which blocks your pores while soft water does not. Soft water does not create soap scum allowing your pores to remain open therefore releasing natural body oils. Which feels silky compared to bathing in hard water. This entry will provide more insight into this difference.

Bathing in Hard Water 

Hard water minerals bind to the ingredients in the soaps that we use to form soap scum. This soap scum then coats your skin blocking your pores. With your pores blocked your bodies natural oils can’t react which leaves your skin dry and itchy after bathing. However, the sensation experienced is abrasive feeling as if the soap is gone. It feels like rubbing your hand on a balloon, kind of vibrating as you rub it. But actually your feeling soap scum coating your skin which is a negative affect of hard water. Continued bathing in hard water produces dry and irritated skin requiring lotions and creams to make your skin soft again.

Bathing in Soft Water 

Bathing is soft water allows for an open pore policy which is great for your skin. Bathing i warm soft water will allow your body to secrete natural body oils. These oils will produce and help maintain softer skin and hair. This sensation does indeed feel different than hard water. The feeling is silky which some people call slippery. The source of this sensation is a function of your body which soft water simply allows to operate. The silky sensation of bathing in soft water demonstrates a natural body function for softer skin and hair, which is a benefit not a drawback.

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