How hard is the water in St. Johns County?

Hard Water Stained Glass

Do you live within St. Johns County? Florida Water Technologies conducts hundreds of water tests throughout the St Johns County area annually and our team understands the impact of the hard water. Remember, Florida Water Technologies will conduct a free water test within your home or receive a free home water test kit in the mail.

What is hard water?

If you have lived within Jacksonville, Florida or surrounding areas, you may have noticed a white powdery substance forming within the appliances, usually the dish washer or shower area. What you are seeing is high mineral content. Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.

What is the level of hard water in St Johns County?

Simply put, the levels of water hardness for this area is not only the highest in all of Florida, but also within the continental US. Because if this fact, the use of a water softener is necessary to protect your homes plumbing and appliances from hard water damage.

What are the hard water levels around CR 210 St. Johns Communities?

Our communities enjoy some of the best schools in the entire state of Florida and have some of the finest communities in North East Florida. Great Schools, strong families are the most admirable qualities of our area unfortunately the water is pretty lousy. Very hard water has a reading of 7 to 10.5 grains per gallon of hardness; the “St. Johns Forest Grid”, which supplies not just St. Johns Forest but other communities as well has 28 grains per gallon of water hardness. Appliances, water heaters and pipes will all show damage and build up quickly with hardness levels this high making a water softener a must for our communities.

The range for very hard water is 7 to 10.5 grains per gallon of hardness minerals according to the Water Quality Association.
Saint Johns Forest Grid        28 GPG
Saint Johns North Grid         16 GPG

Florida Water Technologies offers high quality water softener system at reasonable prices. Call today for a free consultation and free water test. Let our team provide you with the correct solution for your home.

4 comments on “How hard is the water in St. Johns County?

  1. Zak says:

    Is Nocatee is the St. John’s forest grid?

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      Zak, No Nocatee is not in the st. johns forest grid. Currently JEA is listing area hardness by zip code. Nocatee (32081) is 20 Grains Per Gallon which is very hard water.

  2. Scott says:

    Is zip code 32092 in the St. Johns North Grid?

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:


      32092 has tested as high as 28 GPG near Jax Golf and CC, to 24 GPG near Shear Water. So, I don’t think it’s clear cut that an entire zip code has only one water supply grid. To be sure you can buy the same test kits that we use on amazon. Search: Hach 5B hardness test kit-follow the instructions. It’s the most accurate test in our opinion.

      Good Luck,

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