How Long Does a Water Softener Last in Jacksonville Fl

When selecting a water softener to purchase in Jacksonville FL, it’s helpful to know how long they last. The components and materials that a water softener is built with will determine how long it can last. Our premium water softeners are made with the very best materials and last a very long time. Standard softeners less. Knowing how long a water softener will last is key point of comparison.

Premium Water Softeners

Components such as resin media, internal plumbing parts and the quality of the tank are key points of comparison. Our premium systems use a 10% resin media, double re-enforced distributor and a multi layer re-enforced tank. In light of this our Platinum System will last 12-15 years before major service is needed, depending on chlorine levels.


Standard Water Softeners

The components used to build a standard quality system differ. They usually use a 8% or less resin media, with a standard distributor tube, along with an exposed fiberglass tank. These materials will wear out sooner than premium systems lasting 5-7 years before major service is needed. Again, depending on how high the chlorine levels are.



When deciding what system is right for you ask your self this question. Will you be in your current home 10 years or less? Or, will you be there more than 10 years? This may be helpful when determining how much should you spend on a water softener system.

A word about chlorine

Municipal water is chlorinated. Chlorine negatively affects how long water softeners last. By removing the chlorine first, before it goes through the water softener, will greatly increase the life. In fact most manufactures recommend dechlorinating the water before water goes through the water softener system. We offer a Dechlorinator with all of our city water systems. If you have questions about the chlorine level at your home we would be happy to test this for your to determine if  a dechlorinator filter is needed.


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