How To Set the Hardness Level on a Water Softener in Jacksonville FL

Setting the hardness level on a water softener in Jacksonville FL is simple. First, you have to know your water’s hardness. Secondly, you’ll have to know how to access the water softener hardness program screen. Once you have these two items you’re ready to go. Let’s take a closer look.

Hardness Level Relevance

Setting the hardness level tells the water softener control valve how often it needs to regenerate with your given water supply. Hard water is measured in how many grains of hardness are in every gallon of water. It uses this number to convert a total volume in gallons that it can soften per regeneration. Let’s take the hardness level of 20 on our standard full size resin tank. Our Platinum Series water softener system with a hardness level set to 20 will produce 1200 gallons of softened water per regeneration.

Let’s say your water does not measure at 20 grains but higher like 24. Comparatively, this water contains more hardness in each gallon which would lower your total volume in gallons. So, while a system programmed for 20 would produce 1200 gallons, a system programmed for 24 will produce 1000 gallons.

Did you know that there two hard water grids in Jacksonville FL that produce a water supply with 28 Grain water. If you have 28 grain water I feel for you, I really do. Water this hard requires one to wear a helmet while taking a shower, ha. Consequently, 28 grain water has even more hardness in every gallon lowering your total volume even more to 857 gallons of water per regeneration.

How to Set The Hardness Level

Each system can be a bit different. However, most hardness level program screens can be found by pushing all the buttons frantically until you luckily land on the hardness setting screen. Of course, our system can be set by pushing the “Next” and “Regen” button simultaneously until the screen changes from the pretty blue color to the yellow colored screen. When you see the yellow color you have entered the programing portion of the control board. The first programing screen will ask you to select your language, English or Spanish. Select your language then push “Next”, this takes you to the hardness level setting screen. Using the up and down arrows you can set your hardness level and push next until you exit the yellow screens brining you back to the blue screens.


Knowing your hard water level is important in making sure your water softener is running right. Also, the harder the water supply the more salt the water softener will use. Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know if you have any questions.