How Hard Is the Water in Jacksonville FL?

Do you live in Jacksonville FL? Our team performs hundreds of water tests per year on both municipal and private well water supplies. We have a clear understanding of the challenges associated with Jacksonville FL hard water and we know how to fix it!

What is Hard Water?

The aquifer that supplies Jacksonville FL is a limestone aquifer and limestone is the source of hardness minerals. Limestone is comprised of calcium and magnesium compounds and if left untreated they will deposit into your homes plumbing system causing damage. Also, the formation of white scale and water spots is a byproduct of hard water that will cover any surface area. These hard water spots are hard to clean.

Jacksonville FL Hard Water Levels

Jacksonville Fl hard water measures very high in total water hardness. Our area has the highest hard water levels in the State of Florida. A water softener in Jacksonville FL will remove the destructive hardness minerals before they enter your homes plumbing system. Water softeners use a simple process called ion exchange to remove these harmful minerals.

Water Hardness Ranges for Jacksonville FL in Grains Per Gallon (GPG): “Very Hard” is 7 GPG to 10.5 GPG


Northside/Dames Point Bridge to Nassau County                         Water Hardness:   14 GPG to 23 GPG
Arlington/Monument/Regency                                                        Water Hardness:   14 GPG to 26 GPG      
Kernan/Atlantic/ Hodges/ San Pablo                                               Water Hardness:   17 GPG to 21 GPG
Baymeadows/ Madarin/ San Marco                                                Water Hardness:   21 GPG to 26 GPG

Very Hard Water has hardness ranging from 7-10.5 GPG of hardness according to the Water Quality Association

2 comments on “How Hard Is the Water in Jacksonville FL?

  1. david schenk says:

    My calcium hardness after water softening tested @ 100ppm, and before water softening at 450 ppm.What are these readings
    equivalent to in hardness gpg units

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      David. To convert water hardness in PPM (parts per million) to GPG (Grains Per Gallon) simply divide the ppm reading by 17.1. Your raw water of 450 ppm is 26-27 grain hard water. Your product water of 100 ppm is 6 grain water. 6 grain water is still considered hard water. A functioning water softener that is set up correctly will reduce the hardness in GPG to 0-1. To resolve this you could try programming the hardness setting to 27 GPG (a lot of factories pre set the hardness to 20 by default). If that does not work you may have a little raw water bypassing the system to service. In any case we would be happy to help.

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