Jacksonville, Neptune, and Atlantic Beach Water Hardness

This entry contains information about the water hardness for the Jacksonville FL beaches areas. The water that supplies the Jacksonville FL Beaches areas is similar to Jacksonville FL hard water. Water hardness levels range from very hard to excessively hard for Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville Beach. The use a a water softener is recommended to protect appliances, water heaters, plumbing pipes and water fixtures from hard water damage.

Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach Water Hardness

Water hardness shortens the life of water using appliances as well as the plumbing pipes themselves. Very high water hardness levels, like we have at the beaches, can cause this damage at a faster rate than areas with lower water hardness levels. In addition hard water can have negative health affects by causing dry skin and hair. This is especially important for people with dry skin issues like eczema. Therefore residents of our beaches area would benefit greatly from having a water softener installed.

Can a Water Softener Reverse Damage Caused by Hard Water?

Water softeners remove the water hardness minerals before the water enters your home. This soft water can and will reverse hard water build up but it cannot fix damage. Hard water causes white scale formations on plumbing fixtures, spots on the shower door, and film in the laundry and dishes. Soft water will reabsorb and remove white scale formations but it will take some time. The amount of time it takes will depend on how long the house has been using hard water. For best results thoroughly clean off these white scale formations before you install the soft water system. With the white scale removed and with the addition of soft water flowing through your home these problematic formations will not return.

Our Water Softener Systems are a Low Cost, Permanent Solution to Hard Water Problems.