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Like you, I want the best options available to me within the context of a reasonable budget. However most people don’t know what elements make one water softener better than another because most people have never had to use one. There are a couple of easy to remember key differences in water softeners available for installation in Jacksonville FL. And i want to give you enough “lingo” for you to get the best value for your money.

Resin Media Cross Linking 8% vs 10% 

The heart of a water softener system is the resin media and quality is compared by it’s Cross Linking (or how strong the resin is).  Most of the water softener companies in Jacksonville Fl equip their water softeners with an 8% cross linked resin. 8 % Cross Linked resin is the lowest priced resin media and typically only last’s around 5-6 years on city water.

Water softeners equipped with a resin with the Cross Link of 10% will last roughly double the life of the lesser 8 % resins. You would think that it would make sense to use this better resin but most dealers won’t because it cost’s more.

The Best Water Softeners in Jacksonville FL use a 10% Cross Linked Resin instead of the cheaper resin options. However, you will have to ask the water softener company what resin they are using because most of them do not include this item on their literature.

Up Flow Brine Systems vs. Down Flow Brine Systems

Up flow and Down Flow brine systems refers to the direction which the salt flows through the resin media during a regeneration. Up Flow brine systems use on average of 60% less salt than normal Down Flow Brine Systems. In addition to being better for the environment it also saves you money by requiring less frequent salt fill ups. Up Flow Brine Water Softener Systems are better than the lesser down flow systems and to my knowledge their is only 3-5 dealers that carry up flow brine water softener systems in Jacksonville.

How Efficient is Up Flow vs. Down Flow? 

  • Up Flow Brine Water Softeners: will use 3-4 bags of salt annually on smaller families; Larger families will use only 6-10 bags of salt annually.
  • Down Flow Brine Water Softeners: will use 12 bags of salt annually on smaller families; Larger families would use 2-3 bags per month  (24-36 bags annually).

Simply ask, “is this a Up Flow Brine System or a Down Flow?” when you are getting an estimate on a water softener installation. I would imagine the bidding companies will be shocked you asked them about this.

Are water softeners really better one to the other? Yes. And if your water softener is equipped with these two elements then it will last longer, be better for the environment and will reduce the maintenance cost’s associated with operating a water softener.

Our Platinum Series Water Softener line offer these elements making it one of the Best Water Softeners available in Jacksonville FL. Our Platinum Series is priced only $300 more than our standard Signature Series.

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