Water Quality and Hair Care

When people move to Jacksonville FL they may notice their hair is harder to care for. Dry frizzy hair and color fading could be symptoms of poor water quality. Poor water quality like hard water is problematic for all hair types regardless your natural hair texture. Hair problems result from excessive mineral build up which causes hair to dry and become unmanageable.

What You Can Do

If you have hard water. To start, I suggest clarifying once a month. In addition, apply conditioner to your hair before it gets wet, this will protect your hair from mineral build up. These simple steps will help fight frizz and color loss that is associated with bathing in hard water.

Some ladies have tried the shower head filter systems, however these do not work so well. They produce limited results because they do not address the root of the problem, which is hard water.

The Soft Water Difference

A benefit of installing a water softener in Jacksonville FL is, better hair. Water softeners removed hard water minerals so that they cannot muddle with your hair care. Softer water will have a dramatic impact on both the look and feel of your skin and hair. However, remember to use less soaps and detergents when using soft water. Soaps lather better when your water is soft, compared with hard water, so you end up using far less soaps, lotions and detergents.


In addition to your hair care, high quality soft water produces powerful health and beauty improvements elsewhere. Skin care is equally effected by poor water quality. Hard water blocks the pores on your skin trapping in natural body oils so your skin stays dry and itchy. So, we end up using lot’s of skin and hair care products to treat our selves. Funny how we usually don’t consider the water. When you treat your hard Jacksonville water you can eliminate a lot of these products and use far less of the others.

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