Water Softener Benefits Dry Skin and Hair

Do you notice dry, itchy skin since moving to Jacksonville FL? You may be sensitive to hard water. High water hardness levels can produce dryer than usual skin and hair, which can be quite uncomfortable. If you are experiencing dry skin and hair then a water softener may help.

Why is  skin dryer when using hard water? 

Hard water contains high levels of hardness minerals. These hardness minerals form the compound know as soap scum when they are mixed with soaps that we use to bathe. It’s this soap scum that coats the surface of the skin clogging pores which in turn stops the secretion of natural body oils. This effect can lead to itchy and even painful dry skin issues for certain people. As seen with this soap test, soft water creates no soap scum and produces lot’s of suds, while the hard water sample creates no suds but produces this grey soap scum.

Why does soft water feel more slippery while bathing?

Soft water does not produce soap scum like hard water does therefore it feels completely different. Soaps in soft water lather easily and rinse away without clogging your pores. This allows for your natural body oils to secrete which feels silkier or smoother. Because soft water lathers much more easily less soap is needed to clean effectively. Less soap, less shampoos and conditioners are needed when using soft water which is a benefit in and of itself. After a few weeks of using soft water you will become used to the new feeling and itchy, dry skin will be a thing of the past.


A water softener installed by Florida Water Technologies is a great way to help your dry skin issues. Jacksonville FL’s city water supply is the hardest water supply in all of Florida making associtated dry skin issues more noticeable.