Water Softener Review

This blog post explains the difference between standard quality water softeners and our premium Pro Mate 6.0 system. This water softener review is applicable to a lot of the brands represented in the local Jacksonville FL market. We have selected to review these three top determining factors; price, efficiency and life expectancy. 


Water Softener Review


 Pricing: Standard vs Premium

Understanding pricing is easier to follow when you are comparing apples to apples. Our premium Pro Mate 6.0 water softener only adds $400 in cost versus our standard E3 model. Our premium model, the Pro Mate 6.0, boasts greater efficiency and a longer life expectancy than our standard model. Do these advantages out weigh the additional cost? That depends. Most people that plan to stay in their homes greater than 10 years will chose the Pro Mate 6.0. Consequently those planning on staying in their homes 10 years or less go with the standard E3 model.

Efficiency: Standard vs Premium

Water softeners use two resources to make soft water, water and salt. A key difference between our models is how efficiently they utilize these resources. Our premium Pro Mate 6.0 is more efficient than most models of water softeners available today. The technology of the internal plumbing configuration allows the PM6 to reduce water consumption by 40% over less efficient models. This advantage not only saves you money on your water bill but is also more environmentally friendly.

Salt consumption is measured in grains of resin regenerated per pound of salt used. The California salt efficiency regulation set for water softeners is 4000 grains/ per pound of salt used. This simply means that if the water softener can only regenerate 3300 grains of resin per pound of salt used, it is not permitted for legal sale. Engineering and smarter technology have lead to dramatic efficiency improvements in salt consumption which is good for the environment. The Pro Mate 6.0 boasts 4227 grains of resin regenerated per every pound of salt used which exceeds this standard.

Longevity: Standard vs Premium

They quality of the components used to construct a water softener have a direct effect on it’s life expectancy. Standard quality systems last approximately 5-7 years on Jacksonville city water before major repairs or system replacement is necessary. The seals and gaskets inside the valve and the resin media fail due to chlorine exposure. Preceding a water softener with a pre-filtration system is a great idea to make these water softener parts last longer. By utilizing a stronger resin media and tanks, as well as chlorine resistant seals and gaskets our PM6 will last 15-20 years on city water.

4 comments on “Water Softener Review

  1. Jeanne Damrow says:

    Excellent service! We have had our water softener system for over 4 years. We love it and refer Florida Water Technologies to our friends and neighbors.

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      Thank You, Jeanne!

  2. William Wylie says:

    System has been flawless. Very happy with water. Free checkup was a nice touch as a way of keeping in touch with customer as well as checking up on system performance.

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:


      Thank you for the kind words. It’s just as important to us that your system continues to work years in the future. That’s why we do the free inspections. Thanks Again!

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