Water Softener Salt Delivery Service for Jacksonville FL

You may have wondered what kind of maintenance a water softener needs. Well, this entry will help you understand what it takes to maintain the water softener salt. Water softener systems in Jacksonville FL require the salt to be replenished. On a regular basis, this can be done by you or our team at Florida Water Technologies. Our full service salt delivery includes delivery of the water softener salt as well as installing it into to your systems. Some companies only offer leaving the salt at your garage door. While other companies don’t offer this service at all.


Based on a family of 4, a Jacksonville Fl water softener will use approximately 1 bag of salt in 1 months time. Our water softeners hold up to 8 bags of salt. Therefore, our salt delivery frequency is usually quarterly because it would not be necessary to add salt every month. Our quarterly delivery usually will include 2 to 3 bags of water softener salt.


Our quarterly full service salt delivery cost’s about $26-$39 per quarter. This price includes both the price of the salt including the delivery fee. Similarly, if you were to go out and get the salt yourself it would cost you roughly half of what we charge. However, you would have to go the store and get it yourself.


Your water softener will consumer salt continually which will routinely need to be topped off. Therefore, our team can provide this service for you at a minimal cost. And, unlike other companies, our team will load the salt into your system rather than leaving it at the garage door.

4 comments on “Water Softener Salt Delivery Service for Jacksonville FL

  1. Joan Ferrante says:

    Do you service a Culligan softener? Price?

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      Joan, Yes we service Culligan Water Softeners. Depending on what the water softener needs the price to repair can be as little as $79 to as much as $350.

  2. Are you saying all water softeners and use salt or potassium in the brine tank? With the same setting on the timer. So which is better to clean with, say like use sale all the time. And once a year run system with potassium only. Would this benefit anything?

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:


      You would not have to change the salt setting on the control valve. Salt or Potassium clean the resin media equally, it’s really your preference.

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