Water Softener Salt Tank Levels

How Often Should I add Salt to My Water Softener

This is our most frequent question. Along with pictures to show you, this blog post will help you understand the different salt levels. You see, a water softener uses salt kind of like your car uses gas. So the amount of water used at your home will determine the amount of salt consumed. So, should you top it off monthly, quarterly or less will depend on your consumption rates and personal habits.

Mostly Full

These pictures show a salt pot (container) that is mostly full. At this time no salt maintenance is required. Unless your inner O.C.D. wont allow you may to top it off at this point. As a matter of fact, this water softener salt container wont need salt for several months from now.


Half Full

This is the time we usually recommend topping off the water system. From the half full level it takes approximately 3 bags of salt to return the level to full. How long will takes to become half empty depends on how much water is used. An average family of 4 in Jacksonville FL will reach this level in 3 to 5 months. Each family is a little different.




Mostly Empty

A mostly empty salt container means your about to run out of soft water. Water softeners needs salt to make softer water and without your water will be hard. If your salt container becomes empty you’ll notice the hard water systems begin to resurface. Sticky dry skin, spots in the kitchens and bathrooms. The water softener is not broken it simply needs some water softener salt. However, a mostly empty salt container is going to require approximately 5-7 bags of water softener salt to return it to the full level.



Adding salt to a water softener in Jacksonville Fl is the only maintenance a water softener needs. On average, a Jacksonville FL family would top off their homes water softener 2 to 3 times per year. Smaller families will do it less, larger families more. Adding a little bit of salt from time to time is far better than living with hard water. Because water softeners are so common in Jacksonville, nearly every grocery store or hardware store stocks water softener salt.

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