Water Softener Salt

The type of salt needed to operate your water softener will depend on the source water feeding your home. Water softeners on city water will use one type of salt while water softeners on well water will use a different kind. This entry deals with these two types of water softener salt and should provide you with helpful information.

City Water

Jacksonville FL hard water provided by J.E.A. (Jacksonville Energy Authority) needs the most simple form of water softener salt. Although our city water is very hard it’s also very clean. Meaning it doesn’t contain Iron (Fe) or slimy bacteria often found in well water. Because of this city water users can use the most simple form of water softener salts. Solar Salt, Salt Crystals are a few of the terms this type of salt is labeled with at the store. This type of water softener salts are available at grocery stores, hardware stores, and Walmart.

Well Water

Homes supplied with water from a private well have additional elements which require a different kind of salt. The main element in well water, Iron (Fe), requires a water softener salt called Rust Defense (or any reference to rust and it’s removal). This type of salt contains an additional additive which helps the water softener clean out the iron from inside it’s tank. With out this additive the water softener system will eventually become “fouled” by the element Iron. Once a water softener tank becomes fouled with iron it’s very hard to get it to operate normally again. That’s why homes supplied with well water will want to use this type of water softener salt.

Note: Please avoid using water softener salt supplied by Costco. This type of salt is less expensive but contains a filler product/ additive that is not salt. This by product will accumulate inside the salt tank and cause brine draw failure to eventually occur. 

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