Water Softeners and Water Filtration Systems

What they are and how they differ.

A common question that we get every day is, “what’s the difference between a water softener and a water filtration system?” It’s a great question. Water softeners focuses only on the removal of hard water minerals (Calcium Carbonate CaCo3) to produce soft water. While a water filtration system removes aspects such as chlorine and sediment.

Hydrotech 89 He Water Softener

Water Softener

A water softener is an appliance that removes hardness minerals to produce soft water. Local water supplies like Jacksonville FL can contain hard water minerals. Left unchecked these hardness minerals will cause damage to plumbing and appliances. In addition cause white spots and film on glass, granite, and metal surfaces. Also, cause itchy dry skin and frizzy hair.

Adding a water softener is a low cost permanent solution to fixing hard water problems. In fact, water softeners fix the primary problem with Jacksonville FL municipal water. Hard water symptoms can really add up. Replacing water heaters, dishwashers, water fixtures the list goes on. A simple water test will reveal if you have hard water or not. Additionally, we can provide you with a water test at no charge.

Additionally, people often ask if the water softener can be paired with a whole home filtration system to improved the quality of water in addition to softening. Yes. Our most popular systems include a filtration element in conjunction with the softening element.

Water Softener with Water Filter

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems focus on the removal of chlorine, taste and odor as well as sediment. 95% of municipal water supplies use chlorine to control bacteria through the water distribution system. Additionally, older water distribution systems can contain high amounts of suspended solids and sediment due to their age. Both negatively affect the quality of tap water for your home. Moreover, both of these items can be removed from your water with our whole home filtration systems.


Water softeners soften hard municipal water. While water filters remove chlorine and sediment. Coupling them together produce the best results for your home.

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