Water Softeners remove Spots and Film

Are you noticing water spots on the shower glass door or on your cookware? Do you find it harder to clean the kitchen and bathrooms? The problem is not with your cleaning supplies or your routine, rather the problem is Hard Water. Jacksonville Fl, has the hardest water supply in all of Florida. Hard water results from limestone minerals that dissolve into our water supply deep within the Floridian Aquifer. In turn we pump this hard water into our homes which causes hard water spots and white scale formations to appear.

How To Stop Hard Water Spots and Film

People new to hard water are often caught off guard with hard water spots and white scale formations. While there are plenty of chemical cleaners that will help remove the spots and film caused by hard water, nothing is more efficient than the use of a water softener. Once you have a water softener installed in Jacksonville Fl the hard water spots will no longer appear. The water softener achieves this result by completely removing the hard water minerals before the water supply enters your home. In light of having soft water you will no longer need the large supply of chemical cleaning agents that you may currently utilize because the hard water spots and white scale formations will no longer appear.

Will a Water Softener Remove Existing Hard Water Build Up?

Yes. A water softener will effectively remove hard water build up from your dishwasher, dishes, and other surface areas. This picture is from a home in Saint Johns Forest that we recently installed a water softener at. Before the water softener installation she was experiencing white film on her cookware and now there is no more white film. While a water softener will remove the white scale it won’t reverse hard water damage. Damage occurs when a faucet fixture or surface area becomes damaged by the corrosion caused by hard water. The best way to defend your home from white scale build up is to install a water softener as soon as you move into your new home. Soft water will protect your homes entire plumbing system and that’s why we say, “Soft Water Works Harder”.