What is Water Softener Resin Replacement Service?

What is a Water Softener Resin Replacement Service?

If you own a water softener in Jacksonville FL or if you are considering one, you need to know about a periodic service called resin replacement or re-bed service. A resin re-bed is the replacement of the beads inside of the water softener tank. These beads only last roughly five to seven years in Jacksonville City Water because of the high chlorine levels. Therefore, when these beads fail then they will need to be replaced.

How Do I Know This Service Is Needed?

Resin beads need to be replaced when they fail to keep the water softener running properly. When they fail you will usually notice a loss of water pressure. This low water pressure means that the water can no longer easily flow through the tank like it has previously. Many people call their utility company to inform them of the loss of water pressure through the utilities. Consequently, the loss of water pressure is restored when these homeowners bypass the water softener. If your water pressure is restored upon bypassing the water softener system then you know your resin beads have gone bad and the solution is a resin replacement service provided by Florida Water Technologies.

Does Florida Water Technologies provide this service on any water softener system?

Yes, our trained technicians can work on any water softener system. If you own a home that has a Culligan water conditioner, we can easily replace the water softener resin beads at a much lower price offered by Culligan. Not to mention, we can provide service much faster than these massive enterprise companies because we are here locally in Jacksonville. If you are looking for an alternative water softener service provider, we can help. You can speak with one of our certified technicians at no additional cost and receive a quote over the phone today.

Can I do a resin replacement myself?

Depending on your level of handiness, you could possibly succeed. However the tools required to replace the resin are not readily available at hardware stores, nor is the resin itself. It takes our certified technicians about an hour to complete a resin replacement and we know of those that have tried to complete this task, has taken three hours or more for them to complete. Remember, using a Florida Water Technologies trained technician includes a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services provided. A complete evaluation and diagnostic is done at the time of repair, so you will have the confidence that the water softener system is performing efficiently for your home.

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  1. Christy says:

    Bougjt a water technologies water softener 2nd hand and cant get it programmed an going does anyone know who could help

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      Christy, We could help with that. Email a picture of your water softener to info@floridawatertechnologies.com

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