Why do Water Softeners sometimes release resin into your homes pluming system?

Water softeners contain a mineral tank filled with water softener resin media. The resin media is the main part of a water softener system. When resin media breaks down it can exit the water softener tank clogging your homes plumbing system, yikes! Consequently, this will cause quite a surprise along with a costly plumber bill to fix it. Conversely, this problem is easily avoidable. Let me show you how.

Tank Design

A simple way to avoid this is by using a appropriate tank design. The best water softeners use a gravel support bed that is located beneath the resin at the bottom of the tank. A gravel support bed is 10-15 lbs. of fine granite. The tolerances in the gravel bed will not allow expired resin to pass through. Instead, the expired resin will be retained inside the water softener tank limiting your impact to gradual lower water pressure. However, tanks without a gravel support bed will allow the expired resin to pass through the tank and enter your homes plumbing system. This can result in clogging all the faucets, ice maker, water heater, shower heads…etc. Cleaning the fixture screens and replacing faucet cartridges is tedious and expensive.

Protect the Resin Media

Another solution would be to stop the resin from expiring to begin with. You see, it’s not usage that causes the resin media to fail rather it’s exposure to oxidizing agents. Namely, Chlorine. Chlorine in city water is the number one reason that water softener resin media fails. New resin media resembles tiny plastic sand with a firm resilience. Albeit, after just a few years of exposure to chlorinated city water the resin bead will reduce in size and soften. Left unchecked, it will degrade until it is small enough to pass through the tank. Smart water softener companies protect the resin media from chlorine by installing a pre filter. A pre filter is a Granular Activated Carbon filter installed ahead of your water softener. It’s purpose is to catch and remove all the chlorine before the water enters the water softener.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Why not use a water system that offers both a resin support bed and a pre-filter? Smart of you to ask and I agree with you completely.

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