CPRC Series Water Softener Repairs Jacksonville Florida

Clack Water Softener Repairs

Clack water softeners are the most widely distributed water softeners in Jacksonville Fl. Florida Water Technologies specializes in repairing and maintaining these Clack Water Softener Systems. In fact we can repair a Clack Water Softener for a fraction of the cost of replacing this system. We can easily replace the resin media and clean the tank and also replace the internal valve parts.

Water Technologies CPRC Series 

This is the most common label associated with Clack water softeners throughout St. Johns County, Duval County, and Nocatee. Coast Pump Water Technologies has been a supplier of these water softeners for over 20 years. By replacing the resin media and the internal seals and spacers once every 5-7 years this softener will last 20+ years.

Resin Replacement

This service includes extracting the old resin, removing the old gravel under bedding and also removing the internal plumbing. Then we apply a cleaner to the empty tank and rinse it out. Next we add new internal plumbing to the freshly cleaned tank and then we load new gravel under bedding and then finally we add fresh new resin.

New resin can give off a orange color so we will rinse it out thoroughly so that this colored water does not enter your home.

Seals and Spacer Replacement

Inside the control valve is a series of seals and spacers that create 4 chambers of water flow. These chambers are separated by seals and gaskets which can fail over time causing water to flow to the wrong parts of the system at the wrong time. When your seals fail it’s time to replace them. This service is completed by disassembling the valve, then removing the old seals and replacing them with new ones.

It’s a simple service call that takes only about 20 minutes and is often performed along with resin media.

These two services will keep your Water Technologies CPRC series running optimally for many years.

Florida Water Technologies technicians are available to assist you any maintenance, repairs or questions you may have.

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14 comments on “CPRC Series Water Softener Repairs Jacksonville Florida


    how long will the resin last in a tank

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:


      On the CPRC Series water softeners, we find roughly 5 to 7 years.


    water has a bad smell what are the causes

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      City water supplied homes may get a strong Chlorine odor. If you have this you’ll notice the water giving off a chemical odor.
      Well water is different. Well water can have odor from iron (a mineral), Sulphur (a gas), and bacteria (an Organism).

  3. Bill MacLeod says:

    Would some one contact me regarding my leaking tank. 904 571-8948 thanks

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      Mr. Macleod,

      We are able to get that tank in fact it’s on order. Ill update you as soon as it comes in.

    2. Terri Latner says:

      Im in Dunnellon Florida. I need help with a unit in a home I purchased. It has CP Technologies on unit. Can you help, do you have someone in my area?

      1. Florida Water Technologies says:


        That CPRC series is from Coast Pump Water Technologies. The CP stands for Coast Pump. They are a wholesale supplier. Google Coast Pump Water Technologies near you and call them for assistance.


  4. Brandon says:

    Can you use Iron Out in CPRC Series water softener? I have manual but it does not say if you can use or not use Iron out? Everything online seems like it should work but wanted to make sure. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:

      Yes! Iron out salt will only help the life of your water softener. It’s simply normal salt with an added cleaner in it. It’s recommended for well water applications.

  5. David C. says:

    My softener is about 7 years old. The last time it recycled, the brine tank filled completely (overflow stopped up) and we now have raw water. I’m located in west central Florida and our water is awful. Our WT Clack unit is great except when it isn’t. Any suggestions?

    1. Florida Water Technologies says:


      The 3rd seal of the seal stack has failed. This is common if the softener is operating without a carbon pre filter. You see, chlorine in city water works against the internal parts of a water softener causing parts failure. The Solution is to change the seal stack every 6 years, or change the seals and install a carbon based pre filter ahead of the softener.

      Hope this helps.


  6. Rey says:

    Where can I purchase the PC board and time clock series CPRC

    1. Brad Berdon says:


      The CPRC brand of water softeners is still months behind on parts being available. Unfortunately, we don’t have any in stock. We have been converting customers to a different valve all together, one that we stock parts for.

      Best of Luck!

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