Water Softener Repair Jacksonville FL

When a water softener is not working you can have it repaired instead of replaced. There are two main areas that will require routine repairs one is the resin media, and the other is the control valve. We can repair these components on most water softeners and save you from having to replace the water softener. Because these repairs are so common, we have division of our staff dedicated to simply repairing water softeners. I hope that you find this entry helpful and invite you to post a question if you have one.

Water Softener Resin Replacement Jacksonville Fl 

Resin media is the most important component of a water softener system. The resin is constantly working to soften your water from high hard water levels that are found in Jacksonville FL. Over time the resin media can begin to wear out and break down. When this happens you’ll notice that the water pressure inside your home will start to degrade. To know for sure if your poor water pressure is caused by the water softener simply put the water softener into bypass by closing the bypass valve. If the water pressure returns to normal then you know that a resin replacement service is needed.

Water Softener Control Valve Repair 

The water softener valve is located on top of the resin tank. This control valve controls when it regenerates and how often. Although there are many styles of valves they share a common symptom when they need a repair. The symptom that reveals if a water softener control valve needs repairing is a salt pot that is completely full of water (and some times overflowing). When you have this symptom the control valve internal parts need to be replaced. These internal parts are a series of gaskets, seals and spacers. When they no longer are able to make a water tight seal then water can flow to the wrong place at the wrong time. Replacing the valve internal parts is an easy repair that will get your water softener working properly again.

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