Understanding Filtration Systems

November 3, 2017

Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems consist of three main types. A Water softener,  a whole home filtration system, and drinking water systems each different than the other. In light of this one or a combination of these systems may be what your looking for. This entry provides a brief overview of the three main water filtration systems for our area.

1. Water Softener

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Application: Hard water removal system

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The primary water concern in Jacksonville FL is excessive hard water minerals making a water softener a first consideration by residents. These minerals enter your home through the water supply and cause hard water damage and make cleaning tasks much harder. Water softeners remove hardness minerals producing soft water through your entire home. Once the hard water minerals are removed your water supply will no longer have the unwanted characteristics of hard water. If you are having problems with mineral deposits, hard water spots, and dry skin then a water softener is the solution you need.

2. Whole House Filtration System

Application: Chlorine Taste and Odor removal system

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Lot’s of chlorine is fine for your swimming pool but not for your home water supply. In like manner to the water softener our home filtration systems remove harmful chemicals from the entire water supply for your home. After all doesn’t it make sense to bath in chemical free water. Chlorine is a toxic chemical that is added to our water daily by JEA, Jacksonville Energy Authority. Using a whole house water filtration system assures chemical free water through your entire home. This greatly improves your water’s quality and taste for all of your water uses. You can combine a whole house filter with a water softener.  If you are experiencing poor tasting stinky water then our whole house filtration system is the solution you need.

3. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Application: Contaminant removal and purification

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Stop buying bottled water by using a reverse osmosis drinking water system at your kitchen sink. Our Millennium system reduces harmful impurities like, nitrates, lead, arsenic, radium and total dissolved solids. You’ll notice the improved taste of coffee, tea, soups and sauces by using cleaner water. Also, a RO system helps you save money by eliminating the need of bottled water. If you are buying bottled water and if your seeking a better alternative then our reverse osmosis drinking water system is the solution you need.

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  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about water softeners. I didn’t know that a whole house filtration can help improve the water quality for all your water uses. I’m kind of interested to learn if a whole house filter could be ideal for commercial buildings, or if the filtration system would be built differently.

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